Ethernet Cable Splitter – Sharing an Internet connection the precise Way With a Router


The majority of homes and households colse to the world today use either a cable modem or some similar kind of broadband internet connection. Most houses ordinarily have many computers but only one internet connection. Using the right hardware it is very easy to share or split an internet connection and share it surrounded by a number of computers. One such expedient that makes this possible is an ethernet cable splitter. This is a generic term that is applied to a collection of hardware that makes connection sharing possible. Read on to examine a base computer setup that could advantage from an ethernet splitter and the discrepancy between this and other hardware such as hubs and switches.

Homes, offices and universities all ordinarily have one or just a few internet connections. The truth is that if every computer on the planet had its own internet connection, the internet wouldn’t work. The internet uses Ips to search and recognize computers and there currently are not sufficient Ips to go colse to if every computer related at once. This is where ethernet splitters come in. Using a splitter you are able to connect many computers to just one connection. This is possible because the cable splitter in fact connects to the internet itself and then it plainly shares or grants access to any computer that connects to it. This means that the computers aren’t directly related to the internet, instead they go through and use the connection the ethernet splitter has created. This means an almost unlimited number of computers can use a singular connection, but one down side is that the computers will all ordinarily have the same Ip. This is a small price to pay for the convenience such a expedient offers.

So what’s the dissimilar between a cable splitter to share an internet connection and other devices like hubs and switches? Hubs and switches are not capable of sharing an internet connection; instead they are used for connecting networks or Lan’s together and development communication between the two possible. Lan’s generally exist in offices and homes and allow many computers to share files and even printers. However, they can’t share a singular web connection with computers on the Lan. What they can do is connect computers together and then allow them to connect to a cable splitter which then passes the internet connection back through the hub or switch to all the computers on the Lan.

If you still aren’t sure about what the discrepancy between an ethernet cable splitter and hubs or switches is then just remember if you want to share the internet you need a cable splitter. Someone else base name for these splitters is a router, and using a router is the only way you can share an internet connection. The next time you visit your computer store, just tell the sales man you are seeing for a router to share an internet connection with and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Hubs and switches are for internal networks and not internet sharing. These devices are more favorable to sharing files, printers and other things in a local network and you generally find them in offices, schools and some homes.

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